The new format, in which images and improvisation interact in an active process and combine to form a work, will have the same name - reflection - as the first series. The special thing about it is that both come from one person.

The series "Reflections" contains 12 works.
The reflection of light, reflection of the objects on the surface of the water gives the impulse for an improvisation. The picture and the music recording form a unity. Each work is unique in form and content. One work consists of a image in jpg format and an audio recording in wave format. The duration of the improvisation is between 1-3 minutes.The music will be recorded after the order is completed, the pictures are already visible in a smaller picture size.

The works are to be commissioned individually at a price of 375 Euro each or as a series at a price of 4100 Euro.The image will be sent as a file in 4592x3448 pixel resolution and improvisation in wave format.

The whole series is to be purchased once, of individual works there will be each 11 individually identified copies.If you are interested please send me an email with the number of the picture.